Little Simz Reflects On Her Rise To Stardom On New Song “Angel”

Little Simz Reflects On Her Rise To Stardom On New Song “Angel”
Little Simz Reflects On Her Rise To Stardom On New Song “Angel”

It comes off her fifth studio album, ‘NO THANK YOU.’

Little Simz has had a huge year. The British rapper dropped her fourth album, Sometimes I Might Be An Introvert, in September 2021, and the LP subsequently earned her the Brit Award for Best New Artist and the U.K.’s prestigious Mercury Prize. Not willing to lose steam, the artist born Simbiatu “Simbi” Ajikawo is already back with her fifth studio album, NO THANK YOU, an introspective look at the highs and lows of her recent success.

Opening up NO THANK YOU is the reflective track “Angel,” which features U.K. singer-songwriter Cleo Sol and was produced by Inflo. The song pays tribute to Simz’s late childhood friend Harry Uzoka, a famous model who was killed in a stabbing in January 2018, while also reflecting on Simz’s rise to fame.


On the first verse, Simz admits to being taken advantage of by her own team at some point in her career. Unfortunately, she had to learn the hard way to be careful who you trust in the music industry.

Got a rude awakenin’ by ignorin’, I pull the signs
Why did I give you the keys to authorise shit on my behalf?
Now I’m scarred and mortified
What did I expect from those livin’ the corporate life?

She later credits herself with wising up, but she empathizes with artists who don’t manage to pull themselves out of those sticky situations.

I can see how an artist can get tainted, frustrated
They don’t care if your mental is on the brink of somethin’ dark
As long as your cuttin’ somebody’s payslip
And sendin’ their kids to private school in a spaceship

She closes the verse by shouting out Uzoka, whom she says was one of the first friends to support her quest to become a rapper.

Harry listenin’ from Heaven on repeat
He was backin’ it when nobody believed

On the chorus—sung by Cleo Sol—Simz feels confident that, despite all the pain and struggle, time is on her side.

Feel so alive
I woke up and I prayed for a sign
I know good things take time
God sent me you as an angel

On the second verse, Simz switches her focus to the future. She wants to find success her own way.

I’m ready to do the unthinkable
Fuck rules and everything that’s traditional

She knows exactly how she plans to rise to the top on the final verse. On the other side of hard times, she’s figured out exactly what she needs in her personal life and in her career.

I need a angel with me for armour
I need accountability, partner
I know that all these blessings are karma
I need a fire lit by the seaside
Purest manuka up in my beehive
Give me a second and let the beat ride

As the song closes, Simz knows this is her moment to shine, and she refuses to let anyone take it away from her.

New woman, don’t tell me I shouldn’t just because you couldn’t
They say, “Don’t you give up too much of the truth to ’em”
Well, I got nine more songs in the boot for ’em
Figure this is the moment, I got to speak now
You can read all the lyrics to “Angels” on Genius now

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