Polo G’s Got No Time For Love On New Song “My All”

Polo G’s Got No Time For Love On New Song “My All”
Polo G’s Got No Time For Love On New Song “My All”

Polo G’s Got No Time For Love On New Song “My All”

Is it better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all? Not if you ask Polo G. On his new single “My All,” which dropped Friday and now sits in the Top 40 of the Genius Top Songs chart, the Chicago rapper looks back at a bad breakup and brags about how much happier he is now that he’s simply looking for physical relationships. That kind of cold-blooded attitude also serves him well in other areas of life.

Produced by Southside, “My All” is mournful yet booming, with melancholic flashes of what sounds like acoustic guitar. The song opens with the chorus, wherein Polo G measures the distance from love’s highest highs to most crushing lows.

Love could have you in a trance you need to desperately wake up from
When it was time to dance, could always count on you to be my plus-one
High on cloud nine from stomach butterflies, it’s when that rush come
I gave that ungrateful bitch my all, that wasn’t enough, huh

He no longer trusts women, and that’s changed his whole outlook on life. He’s angry that he ever allowed himself to get hurt.

Baby, I don’t want relations, I’m just tryna fuck some
I’m just tryna drop a hit and make the club jump
But I hate that I was too deep in so young

These days, Polo G is all about sex and money. His pursuit (and acquisition) of the latter has made him a target, and that’s made him feel like even more of a lone wolf, even though he’s not exactly rolling solo.

In my bag, not in my feelings, do I miss it? Nah, not really
And I know these niggas envy, so I’m clutchin’ on my semi
With my goon squad, and we don’t catch a temp, so please don’t tempt me
Glock gon’ do it’s job and bro gon’ blow that bitch ’til it get empty, uh

Toward the end of the verse, Polo shouts out YungLiV—the rising Philadelphia rapper signed to his label—and talks about some of the fun they’ve been having.

Me and Liv just fucked Philly up, fucking hoes, I done bust plenty nuts
My care on zero, not no hero, nigga, I don’t give any fucks

On the second verse, Polo G focuses more on neighborhood violence. He references Edwin and Edward Bryant, twin brothers who were killed in a 2016 driveby shooting. (Polo also honors the twins on 2021’s “For My Fans (Freestyle).”)

Them sliders stampin’ hits, ain’t gotta ask who did it, we shot you
For Ed ’nem and Lil Bit, bitch, you will get your hood
Had to watch ’em get put in the grave, them the same niggas I stood with

Polo ends the verse with a justification of how he lives his life. Unless you’ve tried to make things happen like he has, you have no room to talk.

And really I be humble, it’s a lot of hoes that I could hit
’Fore I fall off or stumble, we extort niggas on some Suge shit
How the fuck you gon’ speak on what I did with my chances? You ain’t never took risks

“My All” arrived with a Cole Bennett-directed music video that finds Polo fighting with his girlfriend and attending the funeral of a fallen friend.


The single is Polo’s third of the year, following “Bag Talk” and “Distraction.” All three are slated to appear on the rapper’s fourth studio album, due out next year. As you await that project, you can read all the lyrics to “My All” on Genius now.

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