Rx Papi – First Week Out (Deluxe) Album Download (Zip File)

Rx Papi - First Week Out (Deluxe) Album Download (Zip File)
Rx Papi – First Week Out (Deluxe) Album Download (Zip File)

Free Download Rx Papi First Week Out (Deluxe) Album | Full Download First Week Out (Deluxe) Album by Rx Papi

Rx Papi offers incredibly funny stuff in a herky-jerky, ultra-Detroit rhythm. Titled “First Week Out (Deluxe)” Album.

But the New Testament contains a novel aspect. BabyTron is genuinely collaborating closely with musicians he doesn’t personally know for the first time. The bulk of them seem to be aware that this is Rx Papi program and that they were fortunate to be invited.



Rx Papi First Week Out (Deluxe) Album Tracklist

  1. Panic Attack – Rx Papi
  2. Trailer Park Blues – Rx Papi
  3. Sunday School – Rx Papi
  4. Button Up with My Chest Out – Rx Papi
  5. Get Ya Gone – Rx Papi
  6. Act Stupid – Rx Papi
  7. Cook Dat Shit Up Quay – Rx Papi
  8. I Wore These Amiris All Week – Rx Papi
  9. Daddy Was Da Dopeman – Rx Papi
  10. Oil Leak Pt. 2 – Rx Papi
  11. Act Stupid – Rx Papi
  12. Stupid Ass Stove – Rx Papi
  13. Bust Me Down On That Loosie – Rx Papi
  14. Johnny P Skit – Rx Papi
  15. If You Not From There Don’t Go There – Rx Papi (feat. RXK Nephew)
  16. Unlock The Screen Door – Rx Papi (feat. RXK Nephew)
  17. Good News From The Trap – Rx Papi (feat. RXK Nephew)
  18. Slow Down, I’ma Jump Out The Car – Rx Papi (feat. RXK Nephew)
  19. Big Chains – Rx Papi (feat. RXK Nephew)

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